Sunday Supper Potlucks

Healthy World Sedona co-founders Don Fries and Bev Bow open their beautiful home in the Sedona hills several times each year for a delightful exchange of ideas, friendly connections, and delicious plant-based food. Typically announced a few weeks in advance, the HWS Sunday Suppers begin in late afternoon with a special guest, who speaks briefly on a plant-based topic related to human health, animal welfare, or environmental sustainability, then engages in discussion and Q&A with attendees. Finally, everyone enjoys a feast of whole food, plant-based dishes that they brought to share. These eagerly anticipated and well-attended events resumed in May of 2021, after a year-long pause because of the Covid-19 pandemic. To be alerted when future dates are announced, add your email address to the HWS database by clicking the SUBSCRIBE button below. You can always write to us at, too.

Healthy World Sedona co-founders Don Fries and Bev Bow are the gracious hosts of the Sunday Supper Potlucks.