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Sponsor/Exhibitor Information

Thank you for your interest in supporting Sedona VegFest, January 19-20, 2019, as a sponsor or exhibitor. The application below is designed for businesses or organizations that wish to promote their products or services as an exhibitor or advertiser. (If you wish to support Sedona VegFest 2019 and Healthy World Sedona without promoting a business or organization, please click the Donations option on the blue menu bar above.)

For information about Sedona VegFest, including our unique proposition and mission, market demographics, and speaker and program highlights, please download the PDF “Be a Sedona VegFest Exhibitor or Supporter!”

Sponsor/Exhibitor Application

To submit a Sponsor/Exhibitor application for Sedona VegFest 2019, please complete the application form on this page. Note that Healthy World Sedona is eager to accept your application with the understanding that your products or services do not conflict with our commitment to making the world healthy, humane, and sustainable through whole-food, plant-based diet and lifestyle. If you are unsure about whether your products or services meet this criteria, please contact Heidi Bird at or 928-300-1761, and let’s discuss.

The deadline for applications has been extended to  November 15, 2018.  Applications after this date will not be ensured a place in our printed program. We will accept exhibitor applications for a wait list beyond this date.  If we receive more applicants for exhibit space than we can confirm, preference will be given to those we believe will contribute the most to a positive experience for our attendees.

All applications will be promptly reviewed. On confirmation, we will immediately start providing the benefits of sponsorship listed in the table below, including social media posts and website listings. So increase your exposure during as much of the online attendee registration process as possible by applying right away!

Please refer to the following table of benefits when selecting the appropriate sponsor/exhibitor level for your business or organization and when completing the application (hover over an item in blue type for more information):


  Seed Root Stem Blossom Garden
Cost* $250 $500 $1000 $1500 $2500
Exhibit space** Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Guest passes No 1 2 3 4
VegFest program color ad No No ¼-page ½-page 1-page
VegFest program sponsor page No Yes Yes Yes Yes
VegFest website sponsor page No Listing Listing and logo Listing and large logo Listing, large logo, and tagline
VegFest website home page No No Rotating banner ad Spot ad and rotating banner ad Tagline spot ad and rotating banner ad
Your offer included in our Virtual Event Bag that is dsitributed to all ticket holders  Optional, $50 Optional, $50 No extra charge No extra charge No extra charge
Your offer in one of six “premium” featured spots in our Virtual Event Bag Optional $100 Optional $100 Optional $50 Optional $50 No extra charge
Postings on the VegFest Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram sites No No No 2 on each social media site 4 on each social media site
Rotating big-screen ad at VegFest program breaks No No No No


* Nonprofit organizations will receive a $100 discount at any sponsorship level.
** If you do not wish to exhibit, you will receive a $150 discount.

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