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Healthy World Sedona

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Our Culinary Philosophy

The latest nutritional science supports a whole food plant-based (WFPB) lifestyle as ideal for humans. The writers and producers of the film PlantPure Nation selected “PlantPure” as a term to describe this lifestyle because it is suggestive of the perfection of nature.

Importantly, we believe that the writers and producers of the film did not mean that people should be purists in their eating habits. There is a school of thought in the plant-based community that nuts, avocados, and other plant foods high in natural fat, as well as salt and sugar, should never be consumed.

We simply advocate eating very modest amounts of high-fat plant foods. For example, adding a handful of nuts to your oatmeal or cereal in the morning will provide beneficial essential nutrients.

Salt and sugar, however, are in a different category. Adding extra salt and sugar out of their natural contexts within whole vegetables, fruits and grains is not an activity that is essential to our diet. As people experience the benefits of the WFPB lifestyle, they will naturally reduce added salt and sugar over time. Their preferences will change as they become accustomed to nutrition that has very little or no added salt or sugar, and they will discover that flavors “pop” naturally.

Our PlantPure culinary philosophy also allows people the opportunity to have, now and then, a fun dessert or a glass of beer or wine. The only ingredient we advocate avoiding in any recipe is added oil. This ingredient is not necessary to the creation of great-tasting meals and the latest science described by Dr. T. Colin Campbell of Cornell clearly makes that case that extracted plant oils are not supportive of human health http://nutritionstudies.org/plant-oils-are-not-a-healthy-alternative-to-saturated-fat/. The good news is that people can create great wonderful flavor and texture without added oil.

Dr. Campbell, as the science advisor for PlantPure Communities, has long maintained that you will obtain the greatest potential health benefit from dietary change by moving fully to WFPB nutrition. This is the ideal, but it is important to note that people changing from the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) to “mostly” WFPB nutrition will still gain significant health benefits.

We fully support the revolution, initiated by Nelson Campbell of PlantPure Communities, to transform society around the world by embracing a WFPB lifestyle. Over time, this will have the effect of vastly improving human health, planetary health and animal welfare.

Link to download this Culinary Philosophy in PDF:  culinary-philosophy

Healthy World Sedona: Compassionate Plant-Based Living

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